Video Streaming Service


  • Duration: 1 month
  • Team size: 1-2 people


This project was a database of movies, cartoons and TV shows accessible directly on cell phones and tablets. It allowed either viewing video content online or downloading it in the background to a mobile device or desktop. 

Users could exchange files, recommend movies to friends, and stream their video to other devices. The content was virus-free due to forced on-server checks and subject to parental control. The search included numerous categories: genres, actors, pre-set criteria. The application was made for the Russian-speaking market.


We were engaged in creating a mobile app for Android v 4.x. The customer asked us to use Cordova to implement a tricky feature request - downloading the video in the background. By default, Android 4.x suspends processes which are not active at the moment, so we had to think of a way to overcome this behavior so that user would get video downloaded even if they lock the screen or start another app. 


We deployed a small team which did the job. We took one of the existing Cordova plugins responsible for the download process as such, Cordova Plugin File Transfer. Our team then implemented the download feature with an ability to pause the process and monitor the overall progress. The customer was able to integrate it into their live application for production use.


  • Back-end: Cordova
  • Front-end: jQuery