Logicify Website


  • Duration: 6 months
  • Team size: 2-5 people
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Logicify public website helps us achieve our goals: to be found by our prospective clients and to showcase the work we have done. It is mostly an informational website with the blog module to convey our approach to doing things.

Along with serving our own marketing needs, the site, in connection with its intranet counterpart, helps our employees educate themselves. Besides, with the help of our articles and blog posts, we try bringing new and fresh business information to our clients and prospects. The site is constantly updated and filled in with new and relevant content.


Logicify was seeking for a website solution, a Content Management System which would be secure and customizable. It should have allowed non-technical people, like marketing team, publish content, easily go through SEO steps and collect analytics info. At the same time, we could not afford to run a dedicated website development team all the time, because engineers were engaged in commercial products.


The development came in several stages. We selected Django CMS, as it was perfectly aligned with our company-wide technology stack. The first stage ended up with one-page public website. Then we gradually added additional modules: blog, articles, portfolio and case studies. The site is linked to our intranet, available for the employees only, with a solid knowledge base and learning system. 

Django has built-in SEO tools which eased life for our marketers. We were able to quickly attach Google Analytics for profound analysis and tracking how our marketing approaches impact our visibility in the Web.

Since Python/Django is our company stack, we had no difficulties when adding more people to the dev team or replacing them - they had to spend a minimal amount of time to switch contexts and start working.

The website has been live for years now, with regular updates and extensions in functionality, as well adding relevant content.


  • Back-end: Python, django CMS
  • Front-end: HTML/CSS
  • Databases: PostgreSQL