Online Video Sharing Service


  • Duration: 7 months
  • Team size: 3 people


The project was a private online video sharing service which provided consumers complete control over the distribution and privacy of their personal videos. 

Back in 2010, YouTube and Vimeo were the major platforms which were oriented at public video sharing. The product was a new type of video platform where users would share their private videos easily by selecting a limited circle of friends.


The project was run by a startup with limited resources. The client wanted to have the solution up and running quickly. They had graphical design mockups, and we were implementing both the back-end and front-end in a tight timeframe. 

One of the challenges was adapting video player for different browsers, as in 2010 there was no universal JS solution for this, but only Flash. This was one of our first projects in an agile methodology, so we had to experiment before building the whole dev process and match it with the customer’s tempo.


We deployed a small agile team of two full-stack developers, working from the ground up and doing everything, from collecting requirements to testing and deployment. 

The customer already had a working prototype. The first phase included re-designing the project using the mock-ups provided, and performing cross-browser QA. The second phase involved improving sharing features, adding comments to videos, and integrating a payment system.

Video streaming was done with the help of Wowza media server, as there were no ready-made suitable solutions in 2010. We had to build two separate applications: for desktop and for mobile devices, primarily iPhones. The latter required additional optimization because iPhone could consume only one specific video format at that time. 

As a result, the first iteration of this video sharing website was completed and we released the MVP into production. 


  • Back-end: Java, Spring, Hibernate, FFmpeg, Wowza media server
  • Front-end: jQuery