• Duration: 18 months
  • Team size: 4-8 people


Eltiland is an educational web portal which helps develop kids from 0 to 8 years. It supports all participants of the education process: teachers, kids, and their parents.

The portal has a centralized library which stores lesson plans, illustrations, and methodical recommendations about preschool education. Whenever a teacher is preparing for a lesson, master class or interest group, they can easily find supplementary items such as pictures, verses or music and include them into their drills and games with kids, as well as add new items and share them with others. They can also review acting regulatory documents for the pre-school education. 

Parents can sign up to use free and paid programs, courses and webinars. Eltiland offers free demo lessons from these courses so that parents will know exactly what they would pay for. Kids can read a special newspaper with colorful heroes to discover the world or play educational computer games directly on-site. They also offer reviews of popular App Store applications for younger kids and those with limited abilities.


The concept of the portal changed during the development, shifting from supporting talented kids to ones with limited abilities and focusing on monetization through paid webinars and courses. Target audience shifted respectively from kids to teachers/parents. This led to re-designing the portal and integrating with webinar and payments systems. We had to experiment with several of these to find the best combination. 


We started from scratch and applied the fixed-scope approach to the project. Since initially the platform was aimed at inclusive distance learning, we enabled users building their own education courses, enroll groups and communicate with their members via a messenger. Then the project shifted to sharing content: arranging, publishing, and managing educational materials for teachers. To connect the Content Management and custom modules experience, we used Brix CMS and ElasticSearch for metadata search and full-text search per record types (document, presentation, picture, video) and pre-defined tags in material collections. To make the search even more sophisticated and accurate, we added faceted navigation for the text and visual materials. Then we added a contact form and a forum for teachers and parents to discuss their accomplishments and challenges in real-time.

When the project approached the monetization phase, we integrated Eltiland with the webinars and conference service (webinar.ru), and with a payment system (ASSIST). The platform also allowed recording these seminars online. Integration with Google services enabled users to upload .doc and .pdf files. A standalone admin area was implemented to control users, courses, and payments. As a result, the customer was able to start promoting this web portal on the local market and build the local community around the web solution.


  • Back-end: Spring, Hibernate, Brix CM, Elasticsearch, Java, Apache Wicket
  • Front-end: HTML/CSS
  • Databases: PostgreSQL
  • Infrastructure/Deployment: TeamCity