eChalk CMS


  • Duration: 6 years
  • Team size: 4-17 people
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eChalk makes creating and managing school websites easy, so web administrators have more time to focus on creating great content. The solution is rich with features, offering adjustable website structure and themes, keeping community informed with school and district calendars, public news feeds, and more. 

Centralized directory automatically updates as classes, groups, schools and faculty members are added in eChalk, so the information is always up-to-date without added work for web administrators.


The product initially came with a great legacy, thousands of users used to the previous version of the system, with all the specifics and quirks. The goal was to build the new version of the system which would be compatible with the legacy but, at the same time, enable new technology and extension of the functionality. We had to carefully migrate all live users to an entirely new solution while keeping their data and many of the original functionality replicated.


Logicify was involved with the new Content Management System (CMS) version at early stages. Working in a joint team, our engineers, together with eChalk client support, product and marketing team, were able to deliver a new CMS addressing the higher clients needs due to high website quality standards. We were able to bring the system live and let thousands of clients migrate from this platform.


  • Back-end: Elasticsearch, .NET, ASP.NET, Akka
  • Front-end: JavaScript, Angular, Grunt, Less, jQuery
  • Databases: PostgreSQL
  • Infrastructure/Deployment: Amazon Web Services, Graylog, Terraform


Logicify has always focused on building out extremely high quality code. Routinely they have come up with the right solution for us and have successfully delivered consistent high quality code quickly.

Dave Milne