Anti money laundering

  • Duration: 2 months
  • Team size: 1 person


ComplyAdvantage helps firms make intelligent choices when complying with regulations relating to sanctions, money laundering (AML), terrorist financing (CFT), bribery and corruption. The unique proprietary database of individuals, organisations and associated entities provides dynamic real-time insight into financial crime risks.

ComplyAdvantage uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data analytics combined with a tailored risk-based approach to help firms not only to manage their compliance and risk obligations but to prevent the occurrence of financial crime. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in New York and with offices in Cluj, Romania, and London, UK, they work with some 200 clients in the financial markets and other regulated and high-risk sectors.


The customer already had a set of proprietary products. At the time, they lacked some specific tech capacity and requested help with Angular frontend development for one of the products along with minor API improvements.


We deployed a one-man crew to build a regular Agile dev process. The initial project was a success - we built several data views. The customer then decided to concentrate on different tasks after the completion of the first stage.


  • Front-end: Angular, Less, Angular Material, Gulp