• Duration: 2 years
  • Team size: 4-8 people
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trovvit's mission is to help students find pathways and opportunities from the people and organizations that they already know and trust. The platform - available on mobile and web - enables users to easily capture what they are learning and who they are learning with. 

Users do this by creating “records” (posts) with photos, videos and documents that they can then share via a private feed.  Users can curate these records to create public facing portfolios and profile.


The challenge was to deliver a high performance, feature rich and stable application across three platforms (IOS, Android and Web) within the timeframe and budget of the client.


Logicify identified the best technologies and team to deliver on trovvit’s vision.

We selected open-source technologies that allowed for a quick and agile pace of development while keeping the total cost of ownership low. We constantly balanced using off-the-shelf solutions with building our own to ensure time to market and low cost. For example, instead of using AWS Elastic Transcoder service to reformat photos and videos for different devices and resolutions, we created a portable Media Processor on AWS EC2 infrastructure. Its operating expenses are much lower yet the interface is standardized so, if customer requires, we can easily replace or augment it with AWS’ Elastic Transcoder.

Logicify built the right team.  With the architecture and technologies identified we build a team that included a system architect, project manager, business analyst, front-end and back-end developers and SQA team.  For the mobile solutions we wrapped the existing Web app in Cordova to turn it into a hybrid mobile application available at Google Play and App Store. The active development then turned into a long-term support phase while the customer started to promote the product at the local market.


  • Back-end: Node.js, Cordova
  • Front-end: JavaScript
  • Databases: Redis, Neo4j


I have rarely worked with such a strong team as the one I have worked with at Logicify. They do more than deliver a quality and stable product, they are always thinking about how to improve the software and ways to help the business grow. They treat my business like their own.

Torrance Robinson