• Duration: 20 months
  • Team size: 1 - 4 people
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ScreenSpaces is a social publishing platform that uses highly relevant content to bring communities to life and drive activation and conversion. ScreenSpaces enables people and businesses to easily set up, publish and syndicate self-contained ecosystems of highly relevant multimedia content, from a variety of sources, without the need for special programming skills.

ScreenSpaces create unique, fun, and user-friendly tools to help people, organizations and businesses aggregate and leverage the power of online content in support of brand and community. The company's first product offering a social platform that helps bring communities to life, power discovery, and drive conversion. It empowers communities and companies of any size to engage, build and activate their community…all the multimedia content and messaging they care about, from many sources, curated, organized for impact, and syndicated anywhere.

The product itself is a wall consisting of individual elements. The elements might be of different media type: videos, text posts, graphics and call to actions. They can come from different sources, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. The wall management system enables operator to tweak the wall areas and add user-created posts to the wall together with CTAs. The configuration console is integrated with the payment provider, accounting and wall management software. It allows customers to buy, renew, update service subscriptions, as well as tweak product to their needs.


The client wanted different pieces of software: a self-service public portal with Content Management System integrated with the personal area, a public SEO-optimized portal, and an admin console to track client status, enrollment and payments. 

The core product (the interactive walls, the wall management system, and support site) had been already implemented by Screenspaces in-house, and Logicify was involved to create a web application for marketing purposes as well as managing profiles and subscriptions. The pricing proposition was very complex, with different product packages and add-ons which could be bought both individually and in combinations, on different payment terms and means. All these variations had to be dynamically configured. 


Together with the client, we formulated the complex requirements for the system behavior based on the subscription plan and payment status. We setup a small yet fully functional dev team for the development, and reduced it to a single support person when it was required later. The complicated requirements for the combination of CMS and user account settings, product setup, invoices, payments and subscription plan were addressed by using the right technology. We used Django CMS with custom modules. We also based our backend admin console on Django Admin to reduce development costs. Multiple environments were setup with different purposes, starting from a Continuous Integration to the Production environment, which allowed careful testing and delivery process. When the product was published, the mode switched to a more traditional support workflow with the extensive ticket use and monthly rollout iterations.

As of 2018, Screenspaces continues to maintain the product, attracting even more customers.


  • Back-end: Python, Django, django CMS
  • Front-end: JavaScript, Angular, jQuery
  • Databases: PostgreSQL
  • Infrastructure/Deployment: Heroku