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What Does It Cost to Build a Marketplace? Part 2: Our Takeaways and Recommendations

The first article in the series about marketplaces described how you could build one with a minimal features set. Now let’s have a closer look at further stages - maintaining and managing a marketplace - which are often overlooked or underestimated by business owners, and especially startupers. We still use Upwork.com, a global marketplace connecting service buyers and service providers, to showcase some best practices.

What Does It Cost to Build a Marketplace? Part 1: Definition, Features Set, Timing

We continue the series of “what does it cost to build” articles in our blog. We analyzed multiple platforms popular in the web today and shared our findings and takeaways on how to develop and maintain a marketplace. The first volume specifically focuses on the definition of a marketplace, its typical features set and timing to build it.

Pros and Cons of Hiring an Agency vs. Individual Freelancer at Upwork.com

Hiring a remote employee is always risky. True for freelance platforms as well. We’d like to forearm you with a few tips on how to properly choose a technical vendor for your software project — an individual freelancer or an agency — using Upwork as an example. Logicify team shares pros and cons of hiring an Upwork freelance agency. 

Freelance Agency at Upwork.com

In this article, we explain what an Upwork freelance agency looks like and define the type of projects worth hiring an agency for.