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How to Find Technical People for Your Startup: A Guide for Non-Technical Founders

There is a variety of hiring options if your startup needs technical people on-board: find a technical co-founder or a CTO, a dedicated in-house development team or remote R&D agency. Let's see how the stage of your startup affects the final hiring decision. 

How to Prevent Developers from Stealing Your Startup Idea?

Having a brilliant idea stolen is a nightmare of many startuppers. Idea-guys often fear their technical partner would embezzle the innovation and start a business on their own. This fear is groundless if only startupper can see their idea with developer’s eyes.

Outsourcing as a Global Trend. Excerpts from "IT Outsourcing Statistics 2017-2018" Report

By 2018, outsourcing has become a global trend, especially in IT sector. This article explains the term "outsourcing" and its main functions and presents the highlighted insights from the IT Outsourcing Statistics 2017/2018 report.

Logicify Receives 5.0 Star Ratings from Our Clients on Clutch.co

We received a few 5-star reviews about the project completed by Logicify in the past on Clutch.co. This website thoroughly reviews over 7,000 companies from over 500 industries and rates them accordingly in order to supply information for B2B to use.