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Logicify Becomes a Partner of Divio, the Django CMS Creator

Logicify is now a partner of Divio, a company which provides Django-optimised hosting, templates and developer tools, trusted to serve over 350 million requests every month. Divio combines Django hosting, developer tools and pre-configured projects-including django CMS and Wagtail-into one platform that's backed by passionate support.  

Logicify Experience with django CMS: Setup, Advantages and Tips to Use

Organizations’ content creation and publishing are streamlined and powered up with Content Management Systems (CMS). Even though some websites run without a CMS, this does not mean they can’t do better with one. Think globally - you might get tied up with piles of content as your company grows in size. Getting a CMS is a crucial investment in your digital presence; its advantages were extensively described in our previous article.

Why Your Website Needs a Content Management System

Content is a strategic business asset for many companies these days, so managing it (creating, publishing, updating) is a crucial activity. Content management systems save cost and time of all stakeholders involved in content creation and delivery processes. What are other pros and cons of adding a CMS to your website? See below.