Logicify Joined Forces with DataArt

Daryna Tkachenko

In December 2019, Logicify joined forces with DataArt, a global IT consulting company

Logicify (est. 2010) is a software R&D company and a long-term technical partner for many startups and SME companies in the United States and Europe. We have solid experience building flexible MVPs and scalable products in a unique startup-friendly corporate atmosphere.

From now on as a part of DataArt, we preserve our focus on the technical needs of startups — reinforced in multiple dimensions.

  • We used to be a company of “around 40 people.” Now we have access to a significantly larger pool of engineers — to develop prototypes and MVPs with faster TTM. No more human resource bottlenecks — we will scale teams up quickly if your startup skyrockets after an investment round.
  • We are now empowered by many-year expertise DataArt has in designing and building software solutions and vast domain knowledge in many industries, including Finance, Healthcare, Travel, Media & Entertainment, Telecom to name just a few.
  • We used to rely on Python/Django as main technologies. Now we are technology agnostic (unbiased and not limited in tech stack).
  • We became even more reliable thanks to DataArt robust and secure infrastructure and global presence.

We remain human and boutique to serve small startups, yet we have enormous capacity to scale your business up.

DataArt (est. 1997) is a global technology consultancy that designs and develops software systems in multiple industries. The company brings together the expertise of over 3000 professionals in 20 locations in the United States, Europe, and Latin America. Over the years, DataArt has earned the trust of the world’s leading brands, including Nasdaq, Travelport, Ocado, Centrica/Hive, Paddy Power Betfair, IWG, Univision, Meetup and Apple Leisure Group among others.

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