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We know how challenging this may be to kick-off a startup these days. So many new things to learn, so many new things to do — especially if you start solo. In our blog articles, we aim to educate first-time entrepreneurs and startuppers without technical background by giving them practical tips and sharing our first-hand experience in the software development industry.

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We made this hub page to combine all startup-focused articles in a single place and ease navigation across the blog. You’ll find links to featured articles with a brief overview. Hope you’ll enjoy!

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Dictionary of Startup Terms
Startups talk a specific argo, often unintelligible to wet-heads. We at Logicify speak this language fluently too — startups are our favorite clients :)
We gave definitions to the most popular startup terms in this dictionary, and we hope it would be of use to newcomers (and not only them) in startup and business world.

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Get a Free Advice on Startup Technology
If you are a startup founder, do not miss a chance to get competent technical advice from our CTO Dmitry and company founder Alex. You can book a 30-min online session and get a free review of your project tech stack or architecture and a few seasoned ideas on how to scale your application and structure your work with tech providers. 

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How to Prevent Developers from Stealing Your Startup Idea?
Having a startup idea stolen by competitors or colleagues is a common, often valid, fear. History records numerous cases when partners aborted idea-guys, stole their business idea and battened a fortune. Non-technical founders often fear developers will replicate the project on their own. 
However, it is not likely that developers stole the business idea, and there are multiple reasons for this. We know this first-hand as we are a software development vendor. Plus, there are a few proven strategies for idea-guys to safe-guard their intellectual property from theft that we shared in our article. 

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How to Find Technical People for Your Startup
Idea-guys and startup founders with a business background often struggle searching for a reliable technical partner. There is a variety of hiring sources and options out there, so it is easy to get lost. One can find a co-founder or employ a Chief Technical Officer to manage an in-house or remote development team.
With tight budget and time to the market, startuppers should be aware that the nature of their business as well as startup’s current stage should determine an optimal hiring decision for a technical partner as discussed in our recent article.

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Why Your Website Needs a Content Management System
Content is an important part of almost any business. Despite this, too many companies still fail in managing their content. Content management systems (CMS) are dedicated tools that may help them save time, money, and efforts. In this article, we cover the basics of content management & delivery processes, describe modern CMS and explain why a company website will hardly survive without one.

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How eCommerce and Business Websites Benefit from Web Accessibility
Making the Web accessible for everyone, including people with disabilities, is a current trend. Accessible design, layout, and content are a must for websites of government-owned agencies and educational institutions. However, even if your website does not fall under these categories, you’ll reap the benefits of making it accessible. Learn more about positive business implications of accessibility for your business website and the basics of making web apps accessible in our article.

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Why Your eCommerce Needs Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence
To increase sales and have a competitive advantage over rivals, modern companies should not just meet customer expectations but exceed them. How? With personalised customer experience, made possible with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Online stores that fail to apply AI-driven technologies today will die out like dinosaurs. If you are still hesitant to apply these, we’ll advise you how AI and ML can power your eCommerce in this article.

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