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  • Zhanna Kolesnik

How You Can Use Native Advertising in a Startup

Advertising is as old as mankind. Or even older, if we look at the animals’ mating dances as at advertising of their advantages. We know about commercial messages and politician companies in ancient Egypt and Pompeii. Many famous writers mentioned advertising in their novels as a part of a plot, which sometimes has own role and influence on novels characters’ destiny and behavior.

What Does It Cost to Build-in a Fitting Room in an Online Store?

One more article in our series of “What Does It Cost to Build” describes online fitting rooms types and functionality. It also shows the reasons to build-in a fitting room into your e-commerce website and estimates the costs needed for the simple online fitting room development. This topic would be of interest to fashion retail companies thinking to bring part of their customer journey online.

What Does It Cost to Build a Pinterest-like App?

Sometimes even a simple idea needs the Muse. Is it possible to create a source of inspiration? If so, what is the cost of it? This article tells about the purpose and features of a Pinterest-like app, discovers its costs and offers minimal essential functionality. It would be of interest to retail and advertising startups and companies’ CEO who are looking for new marketing and business development ideas and inspiration.