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Logicify Bot for Proactive Software Health-Checks

In our previous posts, we shared a detailed overview of Logicify software monitoring toolset, with Graylog and Grafana as its core components. In this article, we’d like you to meet our open source Healthcheck Bot, an application we developed for proactive software check-ups.

August Tech Events in the Nordics

Meet new startup and IT-related events in the Nordics for August 2019.

4 min read.

Featured Publications for Startup Founders

We know how challenging this may be to kick-off a startup these days. So many new things to learn, so many new things to do — especially if you start solo. In our blog articles, we aim to educate first-time entrepreneurs and startuppers without technical background by giving them practical tips and sharing our first-hand experience in the software development industry.

Datawise Recipe for Effective Software Monitoring: App Logs, Infrastructure Telemetry, Health-Check Reports

We at Logicify have a powerful & flexible toolset for software monitoring - both for apps we develop for our clients and the ones we use internally. Let's take a closer look at the types and sources of data that form the basis of this monitoring solution.

How You Can Use Native Advertising in a Startup

Advertising is as old as mankind. Or even older, if we look at the animals’ mating dances as at advertising of their advantages. We know about commercial messages and politician companies in ancient Egypt and Pompeii. Many famous writers mentioned advertising in their novels as a part of a plot, which sometimes has own role and influence on novels characters’ destiny and behavior.

July Tech Events in the Nordics

Meet new startup and IT-related events in the Nordics for July 2019.

How to Find Technical People for Your Startup: A Guide for Non-Technical Founders

There is a variety of hiring options if your startup needs technical people on-board: find a technical co-founder or a CTO, a dedicated in-house development team or remote R&D agency. Let's see how the stage of your startup affects the final hiring decision. 

June Tech Events in the Nordics

We continue publishing our calendar of IT-related events in the Nordics. Here are some IT and startup events for June 2019.

Logicify Becomes a Partner of Divio, the Django CMS Creator

Logicify is now a partner of Divio, a company which provides Django-optimised hosting, templates and developer tools, trusted to serve over 350 million requests every month. Divio combines Django hosting, developer tools and pre-configured projects-including django CMS and Wagtail-into one platform that's backed by passionate support.  

How to Prevent Developers from Stealing Your Startup Idea?

Having a brilliant idea stolen is a nightmare of many startuppers. Idea-guys often fear their technical partner would embezzle the innovation and start a business on their own. This fear is groundless if only startupper can see their idea with developer’s eyes.