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Logicify Receives 5.0 Star Ratings from Our Clients on Clutch.co

We received a few 5-star reviews about the project completed by Logicify in the past on Clutch.co. This website thoroughly reviews over 7,000 companies from over 500 industries and rates them accordingly in order to supply information for B2B to use.

A Few Effective Tricks for Project Managers Working with Remote Teams

Managing remote teams is a challenge by definition. We proved this by own thorny experience during a recent project where Logicify PM was to lead a remote team of sub-contractors and decided to share our best practices and the lessons we studied along the way. This article would be useful for CTOs hiring remote teams, Project Managers leading such teams and for team members working remotely as sub-contractors.

Logicify Double-Sided System of User Behavior and System Condition Monitoring

The aim of any software company (and Logicify is not an exception) is to deliver healthy and reliable products. While a product’s reliability and performance rely on the team of developers and QAs, what does the “health” of a product depend on?

Fixed Scope Software Project: Perspective of an Honest Vendor

What is a fixed scope approach to development of software products? What are the main risks associated with it when examining the approach from a perspective of a client-vendor partnership? Alex Cherednichenko, Logicify BizDev, gives his honest opinion on the topic and discuses how our company addresses the challenges of fixed scope projects.

Automated Markup Testing with Galen Framework

Overview of automated testing of the HTML + CSS code with a relatively new tool for adaptive design and cross-browser testing, Galen Framework, presented by Logicify QA specialist, Victoria Remnyova. The article presents general notions on the framework, its syntax, examples of a Galen-generated report and description of a few handy features quality assurance specialist could use.

Logicify Debut in EdTech: How We Built an Online Platform for Inclusive Education

In 2014, Logicify developed an online educational platform aimed at enhancing inclusive e-learning in the former USSR republics. This turned out to be our first EdTech solution, which eventually shaped our expertise field and determined one of the core areas of our activity – developing custom software for educational needs.

GraphQL Talk at IT-DAY Kherson: Supporting Materials

GraphQL is a data query language developed internally by Facebook in 2012 before being publicly released in 2015. We wanted to share an intro presentation and support materials on GraphQL and its applicability as well as a sample project presented by Alex Cherednichenko in April 2018 at a local conference IT-DAY Kherson. 

IoT: How We Built Logicify Connected Office (... with a soldering iron)

Logicify CTO, Dmitry Berezovsky, has given a talk at a local software development conference, IT-DAY Kherson 2018. The talk covered Logicify experience building a solution for air quality control in our office. We wanted to share his presentation and a few helpful resources, links to PCB design, and schematics we used to build a connected office at Logicify. 

Famo.Us - is it a new life for HTML5 based mobile apps?

Phonegap by Adode sounded like the future of mobile development. The only code base for all platforms, which makes it so easy to support IPhone and Android applications together, change business logic only in one place, and use well-known Web technologies. It sounds promising, but in fact mobile HTML5 applications look really ugly mostly because of performance issues which make them hardly usable.

Node.js Configuration Management

The first article in a series on Node.js. It details the solutions for typical problems in a classical REST API type application. The idea of tech blog at Logicify has grown from internal talks on this technology; and so did the concept of 'sample' tasks. We use all these tools to help our juniors improve their tech level, so why not share this with the community?