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Want to create something new for the web? We have been building web apps for years and we can help you take your product from concept to launch. We thrive and succeed in becoming more than just a development partner, whether it be our experience of aiding startup launch, consulting on the choice of tech stack,  or even assistance in hiring your own local team.

Custom Software Development

Partner with one of our tailored development teams to build a brand new product or give a new kick to an existing application. Following a lean, minimal and agile approach, we will help your business get to the market faster while keeping in mind the future scaling and growth.


Team Augmentation

It is never easy to hire a tech talent or manage a software engineering process when you need to run your business. We can come in useful by forming a larger team of both your and Logicify engineers to work side by side in a product definition and delivery cycle defined by you.


Project Rescue

Have an existing product that needs a hand? We can fix the situation by identifying core issues within the current condition and addressing them. One at a time, back to full control over the situation. At the end of the day, that's what we do - we logicify.

Featured Case Study


U.S. EdTech software startup revolutionizing the way people track studies and achievements over years

Client's Problem

The client had a very strong vision of the business, marketing and the product itself. At the same time, there was hardly anything available on the technology and implementation side of things:

  • No CTO on board
  • Limited initial financial resources and very short time to market
  • A rather demanding product idea, including complex tech such as high-load video processing and social networking


  • Anticipating importance of the early stage architecture, Logicify CTO was involved in the process as an advisor.
  • In close collaboration with the client, Logicify team set up a steady iterative delivery process with biweekly iterations and demonstrations, focusing on the client's business goals and allowing the client to do their best in business.
  • The team got deeply involved in high-level business decisions providing expert view on the software from the perspective of cost of implementation and ownership, adaptability, its value as an asset, and time to market.


We have been able to build a viable highly effective team where the client is doing the business and Logicify is covering the range of tasks related to tech decisions and implementation. This allowed the client to focus on the company and bring it up to speed, get past a pivot, and finally deliver the successful product to the market.  This case is a good example of our core values of treating our client’s business as our own and thus growing together.

Our Clients

eChalk trovvit-logo.gif BlastOut ScreenSpaces Kherson State University Betterfood ISIC

We love Projects Relationships

Logicify model of operation is based on quality and relationships. We are aimed at nurturing our client's business to grow together with it. You need a solid team to solve your own problem - we have it. You don't know how to define your problem - we can help with it. Not sure what UX to apply? We can aid here as well.

The teams are built for long time cooperation, and we love the notion of a 'big team' - the one including both our client's people and Logicify staff. Consider it a remote extension with vetted group of professionals specifically preselected and augmented by the project management and quality assurance services, well-polished and worked together before, who are willing to stand in good stead.

Lastly, it is about vision. The teams share the need to succeed with the client. That is why we are successful working with startup companies - we share that interest and dedication with the shareholders, and thus deliver great results.

I have rarely worked with such a strong team as the one I have worked with at Logicify. They do more than deliver a quality and stable product, they are always thinking about how to improve the software and ways to help the business grow. They treat my business like their own.

Torrance Robinson,CEO, trovvit inc.

Logicify team is a key part of our growth strategy. Very quickly, the team builds trust through their commitment to excellence and client dedication. We’re able to do more without additional overhead. They are a hidden gem!

Venkat Korvi,CEO, Betterfood inc.

How we work

The technology choice is based on what the needs and the problem are in any given case. We build trust and relationships, so we want our software to live long and be maintainable and useful. Frequent demos, relevant testing, and process management are used to keep development on track and meet the actual needs of the business.

When it comes to the actual engagement, we prefer dedicated team mode of interaction. In this way, Logicify builds a team of professionals best suited for the task, who will be solely working towards your goals. The team is persistent, and grows its domain knowledge and trust over time, enabling a long-running relationship.

  • Educational Technology
  • Accounting and ERP Software
  • Social Media
  • Marine Insurance
  • Food Tech
  • Responsive Web Apps
  • Mobile Product Development
  • High load APIs
  • Cloud deployments with AWS and Heroku
  • Dedicated Team: extend your team or create a new one.
  • Time & Material: detailed hourly reporting
  • Fixed Scope
  • Trusted partner when it comes to tech choices
  • Transparent teams
  • Internal tech consulting - teams reuse each other experience when it comes to tech choices

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