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Logicify is an outsourcing company providing software development services. We help our customers with issues and undertakings of software kind. We work in different industries, or domains. Some of them are: telecom, video sharing, social media, insurance, accounting.

There are several teams of different technology and industry specialization. Logicify offices are located at Kherson, Ukraine. We got used to working in distributed configurations in different schemes with English and Russian speaking customers.

Here at Logicify we value communication and directness a lot. Our customers can meet and communicate to engineers directly to simplify communication chains. We like flat and agile teams, the very right amount of communication and talks. We like every team member to be a professional and self-contained engineers. Explore our technology, domain or engineering expertise here, feel free to reach out!

What now?

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Drop a Request For Quotation/Proposal at our address. Or just let us contact you directly at the time comfortable to you.

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Some of our partners and clients

Case Study


One of the key processes of the Customer was the verification/cleaning of the postal addresses. By the time Logicify got the lead, customer already had a proprietary and costly solution for address cleaning. The main concerns were:

  1. Lack of the access codebase and thus complicated diagnostics (Closed source).
  2. Poor performance and stability. Single-threaded approach plus exiting abnormally sometimes.
  3. Elevated costs.

The project

Since it was the first project for this customer, Logicify has formed an agile-thinking team of engineers, part-time project manager and a QA (on a later stage). After the analysis, the following issues were found making ...

We are growing

Logicify hires!

Please use any of the company contacts, or directly send a CV with a covering letter to i‑want‑to‑work@logicify.com

We want great people to join great team.

At the moment we look for:

  • Software engineer, .NET/other. Bright? Able to communicate in English? We are waiting for you! Need an agile person with rather Microsoft experience to join a team of 6 people.

  • Designer/web frontend developer. Experience of 1+ year. Experience in one of (backbone, ember, angular) is a good go, need jQuery, HTML, CSS3, good on-hands knowledge of the browser behavior and ability to reproduce the designs clearly. Needs to communicate in English on skype calls.

Business principles

We go direct. We hide nothing. We lean towards partnership rather than client-customer relationship.

We take seriously what customer says. We act proactively if we think it would help. We care about customer's business and satisfaction by providing good quality service (and more!)

We care about future development, both of Logicify company and every single person of the team. We'd like to grow together. We collaborate with the university to teach and to learn. We allow bright students to perform internship to get best of it.

We see our company different from usual outsourcing. We don't want to become 30 engineers, 50, then 200, then 1000. We are keeping ourselves rather small, efficient, professional and content with what we do. And make our customers content of the business done together.