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Custom software development

Logicify is an outsourcing company providing software development services. We help our customers with issues and projects involving software. 

We have been working in a variety of industries and fields, including telecom, video sharing, social media, insurance. We have several teams with specialized skills in different technologies that can relate to specific industries. 

The Logicify primary office is located in Zyrardow, Masovian, Poland. Development office is located in Kherson, Ukraine. Please check contacts for address and company details.

We have become accustomed to working in distributed configurations in different schemes with English and Russian speaking customers. 

Here at Logicify we value communication and directness a lot. Our customers can meet and communicate with engineers directly to simplify communication chains. We prefer flat and agile teams, with an exactly appropriate amount of communication back and forth. We want every team member to be a professional and self-contained engineer. 

Explore our engineering expertise in various fields and technologies here. Feel free to reach out!

What now?

Have a project to accomplish?

Drop a Request For Quotation/Proposal at our address. Or just let us contact you directly at the time comfortable to you.

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Some of our partners and clients

Case Study

Implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics AX plugin

The problem

One of our customers required a specific plugin for Microsoft Dynamics AX CRM system. The plugin would integrate deeply into the process workflow within the plugin and alter it, effectively manipulating data fields and adding new ones on specific process checkpoints.

Since we had a good track of mutual experience with this customer, Logicify was to perform research, implementation and integration of this plugin.

The project

The project itself was quite tough. The Microsoft Dynamics AX system is one of the heaviest products in Microsoft line, requiring robust hardware, multiple server ...

We are growing

Logicify hires!

Please use any of the company contacts, or directly send a CV with a cover letter to iwanttowork@logicify.com

We want great people to join great team.

At the moment we look for:

  • Software engineer, .NET/other. Bright? Able to communicate in English? We are waiting for you! Need an agile person with rather Microsoft experience to join a team of 6 people.

  • Designer/web frontend developer. Experience of 1+ year. Experience in one of (backbone, ember, angular) is a good go, need jQuery, HTML, CSS3, good on-hands knowledge of the browser behavior and ability to reproduce the designs clearly. Needs to communicate in English on skype calls.

Business principles

We go direct. We hide nothing. We lean towards having a partnership rather than a client-customer relationship.

We take seriously what the customer says. We act proactively if we think it will help. We care about the customer's business and satisfaction by providing good quality service (and more!)

We care about the future development, both of the Logicify company and every single person of the team. We'd like to grow together. We collaborate with a major local university to teach and to learn. We allow internships to get the best out of that process.

We see our company as being different from the usual outsourcing firm. We don't want to become a crowd of 100 engineers, then 200, then 1000. We are keeping ourselves rather small, efficient, professional and content with what we do. Our customers are content with the business we do together.